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Good customer service and constantly

re-innovating towards a sustainable environment


Trendlines began its journey in 2007, with its first franchise. With a focus on quality customer service, we have been able to grow organically into what now has 20+ retail outlets. While based in Chennai, Trendlines now also has outlets in Bangalore, Vellore, Trichy, and Coimbatore.

Trendlines has always believed in diversity and offering customers variety. This belief has allowed us to expand our range. We offer apparel, sanitary wares and fittings, health and wellness products and an exquisite range of customizable art. We plan to broaden our fields even more in the future, to ensure that our customers always get sustainable, high quality items at reasonable prices.


We at Trendlines believe that a successful company always falls back on good values. We always go the extra mile to offer the best customer service possible. Listening to customers’ wants and needs and understanding how they change is essential to our brand. Trendlines is constantly looking for ways to re-invent ourselves to meet the demands of a diverse, ever-changing market – after all, companies must adapt to meet customer requirements, not the other way around.

As a part of our goals to re-invent and evolve, we have begun to explore the possibilities of sustainability in every product we offer. Trendlines is certain that, in the next few years, sustainability will be another core value of our business. We aren’t just a company of the present, but one that wants to help build a strong future.