With climate change becoming a growing concern in our times, it is important to educate ourselves on ways to combat it. One such way is making our homes ‘green buildings’. A green building is a building that focuses on efficiently using energy, water and materials through good design, construction and maintenance. Green buildings aim for sustainability and are environment-friendly.

We need green buildings as they allow us to live well while saving resources for the future. Setting up a green home can seem difficult at first. But it is highly rewarding in the long run. With the right planning, green buildings use less water and energy, and generate less waste and green-house gas emissions. On a large scale, shifting to green buildings will reduce the likelihood of declined rain water levels, food scarcity and more.

There are five main aspects to green building construction:

  1. Resources for Construction:

    Green buildings maximize the use of renewable construction resources and minimize the use of non-renewable resources. Most renewable resources are manufactured with energy-efficient processes. Good builders ensure that green buildings are constructed with environment-friendly and durable materials.
  2. Sustainable Designs:

    Green building designers focus on designs that give buildings adequate space both indoors and outdoors. There is a focus on good ventilation, space to move and sufficient space between buildings. There is an equal focus on utilizing land efficiently. Good designers stick to construction on urban development to preserve valuable land for wildlife and agriculture.
  3. Energy Efficiency:

    We live in a world where solar, thermal and wind technologies aren’t as expensive as before. Green buildings focus on using renewable and low-impact energy sources wherever possible.
  4. Water Conservation:

    During and after construction, green buildings focus on conserving water. Any green building will have provisions for recycling water and efficient rainwater harvesting.
  5. Affordability:  

    Sourcing local materials, using recycled durable materials and using efficient design and construction processes are just a few ways builders can make green homes affordable.

There are several benefits to opting for green buildings:

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced spending on electricity, water, and other resources
  • Improved health of families in these buildings
  • Reduced waste generation
  • Greater return on investment in the long run – as green buildings are becoming increasingly popular

Green buildings are the necessity of the future. When planning constructions or renovating your current space, you can find ways to make your buildings green. Look for certifications from institutions like IGBC, LEED-India and BEE to confirm that your building is green. Shifting to the green-side helps everyone grow and thrive.

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